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"Komad, Iyav, I'm under attack here. Get back to the hangar as soon as you possibly can, I don't know how many there are."

Atora paused for only a moment as he heard a voice echo through the corridors of the Cygnus.

He pointed directly at Kurt and then began to speak. "Don't let any of the infected sneak up behind the group. I'll go and help your friend out."

He activated his jetpack and slowly began to hover into the air and then took off at high speed through the corridors, using his HUD to navigate the corridors.

After a few minutes of flying at high speed and having a few close calls with bulkheads he arrived at the end of a series of corridors to see a large group of infected crew members breaking through one of the doors into the hanger. Atora instantly grabbed the one of his few remaining thermal detonators and threw it at the back of the horde before lifting up his assault rifle and began firing into the horde from the back.
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