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Originally Posted by Xamas View Post
I hope there will be a 'Republic Commando 2'.
But they won't be "imperial commandos", unless they change the storyline to a different squad.
Delta and Omega squads immediately disobeyed Order 66, most probably because they didn't trust Palpatine? Not too sure why they disobeyed it but hopefully for a good reason.
But ideas for a second game? Well the most obvious answer is something along the lines of:

Although Delta Squad's advisor is sworn to secrecy about the real nature of their mission on Kashyyyk. The advisor tells them, and they work to bring down the Empire from within. Sev survives but is captured by Trandoshan slavers and the hunt is on as Delta Squad follows in Sev's tracks, perhaps meeting rebels and imperials alike?

It could work maybe.
Hey everybody ! Im new here and just wanted to say some few things. first of all, it feels really good to see that there are still people who want's a RC2 and I hope that it will come true. I have some suggestions about it aswell:P
first of all, in the SP-mode they need to bring back sev, so a good thing would be to scout for him in the area that he was "captured". everybody knows that clone commandos are the only ones that can be brought back to life with bacta, so the droids may not know that, and the proof is that they never "check" if a commando is dead or not, they just shoot him untill his lying on the floor^^ soo! sev may still be on the tree top were they left him.

next thing: I know the advisor can be pretty annoying with the instructions and all that, but(!) what if scorch and boss would deny that order, I dont think fixer would stand up against boss so maybe they would do that.
How they would do that? just turn of their HUD so that the advisor can't reach them.
I know a lot of people are thinking: this can't happen! they'll become IC , in the books they'll fight for vader and all that. But seriously,(?) why do we have to follow books that are spin-offs? Can't we just push those thoughts aside for a while and just make a really good excuse like: "after they found sev , delta squad realises that they have denied the orders from the republic , they can only do two things now, tell the advisor what they did and hope that they'll be forgiven, or continue on their own and make it to the surface and talk to the jedi master yoda and hope that he'll give them a important mission, on coruscant or another planet".
I've read(?) on wookipedia that there were a couple of commandos that refused to execute order 66 , but that delta squad did it and that they became IC. How can they be so sure? maby they changed armor and let everybody know that they were IC but they were actually on a different planet and rebuilding their past? just an idea(:
the next missions, I can't tell how they would be.
What if they remake the first RC game, fixing all the glitches like : when you ask to be revived by your clone friend, his arm goes into his knee so that it sticks from his leg, pretty bad isn't it? Or when you walk to close to something you see through it? two other important things I noticed aswell is that, when you you kill someone, mainly trandoshans and geonosians, u can't allways kill them with melee or sniper, It would be awesome if you could kill a fierfek and the part that you are shooting would be blown away or something. I remember this alot, because when I have killed, let's say a trandoshan and his lying on the floor, I can't blow his head of, or his legs , or anything! pretty annoying. the same thing with geonosians. that would be a nice change ! (:

what I'm trying to say is that, they should put both the first and the second RC games together, so that it's a lot bigger.

things they could change for the second game: better quality( with quality I mean the glithes). A whole different view, you'll be able to view both FPS view And TPS view, have the "take shelter" thing like Gears Of war which I personality think is a really good thing for a combat based game. maybe not jump from the hidspot like GOW because the armor is different. You should be able to do the same things as the other members from delta squad like: punch a geonosian and then kill him, throw a frag when you are doing a door breach maneuver or wtf us your backpack ( lowgravity thingy). In other words, have more abilities so that you can do a lot of things.
ARMOR ABILITY: really, who carries a weapon that is twice your size, And then place it somewhere on your body? haha okey if they have somthing to attache it on but you don't, so if TPS view is gonna be available then you should se how the different attachments are placed and were the fifth weapon is.
Oh and one thing, you should be able to make orders by writing down orders, how that will be done, I can't say but if they somehow make alot of different codes in the game that has an enormous wideness(?) that allows you to do a whole lot of orders then maybe it would feel like you really are the leader and is the one that can make a bunch of orders:P
I hope this text helps and that we can come up with more . HAve a NicE DaY
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