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Yeah, I'm pretty simple and don't worry about things like "variety" in my diet, so typically I have these meals [nearly] every day:

A bowl (2 cups or so) of cottage cheese mixed with walnuts.
Big-ass salads with tuna/chicken (~40g protein worth) and soybeans/walnuts and hopefully avocado when we have it.
Scrambled eggs (~4 eggs) with peppers, onions, and mushrooms.

For breakfast I typically have granola+fruit. I should probably fill this out for something with more protein, though.

As for snacks, I typically just have a hardboiled egg, a banana covered in peanut butter, walnuts/almonds and cheese, etc.

Then I also have a dinner at night that varies most days, luckily my family eats healthy so it's not much of an issue.

I also have a glass of milk (2% or whole) with every meal as well as a tablespoon of olive oil on its own.

And of course, after working out I have a protein shake with dextrose for carbs.

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