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Originally Posted by Sven_Q45 View Post
Does anyone know when´s the release of Edna and Harvey in English?
Last I heard it was supposed to come out winter of last year in North America. I hope it's still coming, since it's an adventure I've been anticipating for a while.

I just completed Space Quest IV. This was the most enjoyable Sierra game I've played so far. I enjoyed the storyline, the voice acting was pretty good, and the music stayed in my head even after the game was over. Best of all , it's completely mouse-controlled so no more evil stairs!

The only thing that irritated me was that darn Skate-O-Rama section. It was an easy puzzle, but they gave no indication to you that you could fly up into the rafters. I didn't know Roger was floating. It looked like he was crawling. :¬:

But, other than that I enjoyed it a lot. I love time travel stories.

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