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Erebus floated above the gathered costumed freaks, crossing his arms. His hair was moving with the constant wind. "Well, looks like they took all the fun out of this." he thought to himself, unconciously speaking telepathically to Vengance, the Grimreaper.

He floated downwards and made a safe landing on his feet, finally revealing himself to the other heroes. His expression was very plain and stern as he exchanged a look at each of the heroes that stood before him. He saw the one called Shade release the two pilots who were controlling the fighter jets. He was unaware that she placed a tracking device on their backs. "Is that a wise thing to do? They may still have useful information..."

He glanced at the armored man named Titan.

"Looks like everything is under control." he began. "Now if you dont mind, just telling us who you people are and what the hell is going on in this city?"
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