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Originally Posted by asgallant View Post
Yes, I installed the directx update. My Desktop resolution is 1920x1200, so the monitor supports 1600x1200 (and 1600x1200 is one of the options in swconfig); the resolution is irrelevant, though, as the game freezes when I try any of the other supported resolutions.
It is quite relevant, actually. You need to open your NVIDIA Control Panel and click on "Change resolution". There will be a list of what resolutions your video card drivers presently supports. If 1600x1200 is not listed, then you need to click on the "Add Resolutions" button and check the box beside "Enable resolutions not exposed by the display", then look in "Resolutions" box above and if 1600x1200 is there, check it. If it isn't, then click on the "Create Custom Resolution" button, enter 1600 horizontal and 1200 vertical, test and save. When running at that resolution, you're going to have to configure your 16:10 display to preserve the 4:3 aspect ratio. This is done differently on different display models and some can't do it at all, so you'll have to find out how it is done on your particular monitor either from the owner's manual or by searching the web.
Originally Posted by asgallant View Post
After further digging, I found many claims that KOTOR II has trouble with DX10 cards, though nothing I found indicated a solution.
Yes, the Dantooine lag fix is supposed to fix the most common problems that the NVIDIA DX10 cards have had with rendering the KotOR games, but this obviously isn't the problem in your case, since I can tell from your swconfig report that you have already implemented it.

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