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Haha, I also did a random google search and found this place.
Lots of familiar names here, almost everyone from DooMs _AD clan (except PunKeD).

Great thing about MotS was that it was such a nice small community with enemies/allies and mini dramas that kept you hooked.
Oh yeah, and when the NBK forum kept giving people blue screen errors and crashing your pc.. haha that was me.

I played EndlessAges for a short time with Nico & Rage but haven’t heard from them in years.

My most well known name was:
SAT4N_AD or -=SATAN=- (In game)
Yeah cheesy name I know, but that was the point.
Most people didn’t know my original non-hacking scout name was Tesslar, but that name never got famous.
(I also used the name USE_Jensa for a while when joking around with the NGK guys)

STBU gun! The anti-hacker gun.
I think the STBU gun was Cowb0ys idea. A blastech pistol that would take care of hackers that join to ruin legit no-hack games.
I know confed named it. STBU = sucks to be you.

The other fun hack was fisheggs, the concussion grenades. I remember playing some great fishegg games on that large level RAGE made. It was pretty embarrassing because I sucked at using them even though I made them.

Took me a while to remember that Pyreus = PK = crash!
I quit WoW some time ago, I dont like how it consumes all your free time, but I will have to drop in to Cenarius to say hi to the old DKB crew.

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