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"I remember. Can't turn the back but it doesn't mean that there is an inkling of respect," Tonatius replied. It was the long running scorn of assassins his people had. Avalonians were known for facing their enemies full on in battle and preferred to die than be taken prisoner. This attitude got themselves compared to Mandalorians and earned thier indignation.

However they were not complete snobs in the matter. They knew that stealthery was an art practiced in intelligence gathering and was respected in personal philosphies. They couldn't ignore the usefulness of it but they disdained the fact that it was sullied by assassination. Tonatius reflected this in his glare at Vector, never once lowering his blade.


"One would think that the temple doors weren't meant to be sliced open," Jun-la muttered as she tried to get the door open. The panel on their side hadn't worked so she was going in manually. "Master Skywalker, can you sense what is going on in there?" Her voice held a hint of worry.

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