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"Wait here. See if anything comes out."

Alriana nodded once and then watched as he jumped onto the docking officer's pylon booth until he was hidden from view.

She reached out through the force but couldn't sense anything except for herself and Tavaryn.

What is he planning?


Atora was continuing to blast the infected but it seemed that there was no end to them. He was distracting a few of them by getting them to chase after him instead of going after whoever it was inside the hanger but he was only drawing so few of them away.

An idea began to form in his head as his muffled voice rang through the corridor.

"To whoever is in the hanger, you might want to take cover!" He shouted as he threw his last thermal detonator in the direction of the infected and watched in grim satisfaction as the celling caved in, leaving only a few infected left.

Cygnus Exterior

Above the Cygnus, a large, grey ship dropped out of hyperspace above the Cygnus and began to scan it.

The captain of the Death's head looked down over the Cygnus as his first officer approached him and began to recite his report.

"Three additional ships have been detected in the Cygnus's docking bay. Two in the starboard hanger and one in the port hanger."


"There are many lifesigns aboard the ship but many of them Not right somehow. There are a few normal lifesigns aboard the ship but there aren't that many."

"Admiral Beroc was very specific. If there were any lifesigns aboard the ship we are to destroy it at all costs. Bring turbolasers online and prepare to fire on the Cygnus at my command."

"Ver ywell sir. But due to recent battle damage it will take us at least five minutes to bring turbolasers online. We were repairing the damage when we left the rest of the fleet."

"Very well. You are dismissed."

The first officer nodded once, bowed and then turned around and headed back to his post as the captain continued looking over the ship below.
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