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Game Store Owner protests online pass for used games

vid 1

vid 2

"EA’s measure would tie online game-play to codes that come with select new titles, meaning that purchasers of used games, which feature Online Pass, would need to shell out $10.00 for a new code in order to play online."

This will hurt the used game industry and your ability to buy and trade used games with cost effectiveness. you wont get as much for your used games you turn in, and those who buy the game used won't be able to play online features unless you fork over an extra 10 bucks.

Online passes will only benefit EA. This is their attempt to line their pockets and discourage the trade of used games. They act like they will "enhance online services" but you will actually get the same services you would get regardless. They just want to make you pay an extra 10 bucks to get features that already come with games. EA can't stand stores making money off used games. watch vids for more details. He explains it better.

Please spread the word to every forum, blog and site you know. If EA's experiment works, This will become the standard of all games. boycott games that feature online passes.

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