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UTC Tutorial

UTC Editing

Post Comments or questions Here

Open KotOR Tool

(If you are making a custom appearence, and you have ALREADY made the changes to the .2da file, you need to plop it into the override, and then go into tools(at the top) then click on options. Under the "other" tab there is a spot that says "Look in game's override for 2DA files" check that then proceed with the tutorial)

-|_(Your game)
--------|_Blueprint, Characters

(NOTE: If you are looking for a particular UTC, it may be under the RIMs-Modules-(whatever module your character is found it)_s- Blueprints, Characters

Find a utc you wish to use as a base for your character. (this "base does not need to have anything in common with what you want your final product to turn out)

Double Click on it to open it.

The first tab: (basic)

First Name: (Put whatever you wish your charactor to be named here)
Last Name: (I don't think this can be changed, and there would be no point anyways)
Tag: (This should be named something unique, this should also be what you name your UTC file and what you put in the Template ResRef field later; Use something like n_iamawesome32, nothing longer than 16 characters long)
Race: Set to human, unless its a droid.
Phenotype: (does nothing to my knowlege)
Gender: (self explanatory)
Description: (leave blank)
Bodybag: (i usually leave this alone but you may want to change it. Its what contains the items the charactor drops)
Portrait: (leave alone unless they are for a recruit)
Conversation: Dialog you have with a charactor

Tab 2,3: (statistics and skills)
Self Explanatory
Edit these to your liking.
Movement rate is the only one i wouldn't usually change.

Tab 4: (Advanced)
Template ResRef: (see Tag)
Disarmable: (I really don't know)
No Permanent Death: (used for party members usually)
Plot: (again, not sure, never seen used)
Is PC: (anothe not sure, if the comunity has any idea what these do, feel free to post it)
Minimum of 1 HP: (when you check this, the NPC's HP can't drop below 1. Used for example when a dialog should start when the (enemy) NPC has 40 or less HP, it may happen that he gets killed (for example by a attack that does 50 damage while he only has 50 or less), the dialog won't start. Simply avoided by checking the Min-1-HP box.)
Chalenge Rating: (Determines how many XP you'll get. There's a 2da with a grid named xp.2da (or something like that), get a look at this file.)
Sound Set: (what the character sounds like outside of dialog, like when they get hurt)
Faction: (what team the character is on in relation to the PC. Some do cool things like Gizka 1 and Gizka 2)
Sound Set: (what the charactor sounds like outside of dialog, like when they get hurt)
Perception Range: How far the character can see you
~Edited by R2X2
Tab 5: Feats
Check whatever feats you want your charactor to have.

Tab 6: Force Powers
Check whatever powers you want your charactor to have. MUST BE A FORCE USING CLASS (see tab 7)

Tab 7: Class

Alignment: How far to the dark or lightside a charactor is. Doesn't matter much unless a party member
Class: Self Explanatory
Level: Self Explanatory

Tab 8: Special Abilities
IGNORE, doesn't work.

Tab 9: Scripts
You should not modify this at all.

Tab 10: Comments
Do whatever here. It makes no difference.

***If you see any mistakes, please tell me, spelling included***

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