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Dream didn't know what to say as she heard Atrast talk about her disease. She herself was in a similar position. Since she had confided in them something so sensitive, she figured she would as well be honest about her condition to, she felt she owed it to her even if she voluntarily spoke of it.

"I guess we're on the same boat Atrast", Dream said as she wiped clean the last dish. "No one knows this but my parents but... I have an advanced form of spinocerebellar ataxia, it's a brain degenerative disease, it's not something you can catch like a cold, you either have it or you don't. I was unlucky I guess".

Dream then placed the dish on the pile on the rack and sighed.

"It's one of the reason's why I haven't bothered with the MESHs at all. If I'm going to die soon then what the hell is the point right? Now that I think about it and I see the old people here... I kinda envy them you know? Most of them had family, kids... whatever you know? I won't have that. I've never fallen in love, much less kiss anyone. After all, who'd want to take care of someone like me right? Someone who's just gonna wither and die inside of her mind not being able to move at all but be completely conscious of the world around her until the lights go out", Dream said, her eyes were tearing but she turned around and wiped her eyes quickly before heading out the back. "I'm gonna go get some air, it's kinda suffocating here you know?"

She finally opened the door on the back and went outside.

"Idiot!", Dream told herself placing her hands on her head. "You said too much..."

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