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"Big mistake," Vector heard Kalla say, diverting her form to Soresu, the defensive stance. His blood-based will perception had told him of her hidden intentions the first time shed held her blade in the fake Niman stance, but his own momentum had been his doom, as he'd ended up being unable to defend from the simplistic attack that the 19 year old girl deployed, his own lightsaber being severed around a third of the way down from the emitter. He stood, literally inches away from her face, as he'd been halted at that point; he stood passively, hands at his sides, looking at the part of his father's former pikesaber lying on the ground, his mind suppressing any emotional uprising so as to avoid having the neural-nodes activating on him to suppress any of his own individuality from surfacing.

"I gathered that you were trying to kill me, but why?" She then asked, this time more aggressively than her previous inquiry.

His head lifted, staring straight into her face, he motioned ever-so-slightly with his hand, his lightsaber's fallen piece lifting swiftly into his fingers.

"Weak form, new to the style, confident practitioners of Soresu wouldn't hide behind a Niman stance. She knew her abilities in her newfound skill wouldn't hold up against the skills of an aged and experienced assassin. Very clever of her. She would make a good...." He paused, his analytical drone of a speech, which had seemed as if he were talking like she wasn't there, when in fact, she was right in front of his face. In many ways he had been complimenting her performance, even if he were speaking as if she wasn't there, but at the last he had stopped before saying any more....Or too much.

"He wouldn't tell us Kalla. More likely he would rather be dead as the cliche goes," Tonatious spouted off, taking an aggressive stance on the 'assumed' defenseless target.

"No, I, would rather live," he actually said to Tonatious with a slight twitch in his face as he did so.

"You don't remember him, do you?" Kalla asked Tonatious. "What's a hermit from Jatalra doing here trying to kill me?" She then asked Vector, who simply stared down at the shorter figure, bravely holding her stance in front of him, as he, like a stone, stood towering over her, impassively, stoically, taking long, deep-slow breaths, he chest expanding out, nearly meeting her own.

"You, him, Jun-la, Iyav, Andorra, Reyvan, and any others deemed affiliated with: ultimately, Komad, your father," Vector called names off the top of his head, indicating that the attempt on Kalla's life was apart of a much larger scope, based around her dad, which included Tonatious, and Lady Jun-la too, meaning at any time he could have turned his attention away from her and ended the lives of any of the other two in the area.

"I remember. Can't turn the back but it doesn't mean that there is an inkling of respect," Tonatius responded to Kalla's question.

"Respect for what? A boy barely a year older than half my age? You don't deserve respect until you've grown a bit, boy...Matured some too," Vector responded, his words implicated by his own thoughts, but as autonomous as all the others he'd spoken before. Vector simply looked at Tonatious as he glared like an upset child at him, for reasons Vector, honestly, could care less about, if he even knew about them.

"We'll have to lock him up," Kalla suggested. "Interrogating him may be useless, but if we let him go, he'll just try again."

"Attempts to capture me will spur me to defend myself, despite my own desires. Interrogation is impossible as I am tortured as we speak. Letting me go may buy you some time, but ultimately, someone will die, by my hands. I can't flee, unless I intend to continue the task of killing you all after doing so. I can't give up, lest I be forced to strike. I can't kill myself, and I cannot stand by and allow another to do so, even if I intend to let them. My only acceptable committable action is to stand, and to speak," he listed like a robot in response to Kalla's words, even if she'd been speaking to Tonatious.

"Surrender now, assassin. You're outnumbered and disarmed," came the voice of someone else from behind, as the doors that he'd jammed had finally come open, releasing the ones within.

Vector continued to speak to Kalla, ignoring their words, "Make your next move a wise one, if you seek to preserve my life as well as the lives of your comrades. If you simply don't care about my life, then strike at me, but be warned, I am never us defenseless as I seem." With these words he reached up, lowering the hood of the robes he'd been wearing, finally revealing his face, cryptic and distorted by a toothed mask, his eyes completely covered by grey metallic flaps, flaked-golden cords hanging from his eyes/flaps in a manner that would be disturbing for the unprepared. The coup-de-grace were the old faded ruby colored Sith tattoos marked along his forehead, and upper cranium, a strange cord-line running the vertical length of his head from the mask; small ovular discs connected, and spaced out along the length of the cord-line, as it met, and connected into a cerebral implant outlet/port at the back of his head.

((The ovular discs are the neural-nodes that suppress his intentions and will.))

"But in you...I see the potential to see the Force die, to turn away from its will..."
"You are beautiful to me, exile. A dead spot in the Force, an emptiness in which its will might be denied."
"But no Jedi ever made the choice you did. To sever ties so completely, so utterly, that it leaves a wound in the Force..."
"I would have killed the galaxy to preserve you...You are more precious than you know..."'s verbatim!-A quote from Darth Traya (Kreia)

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