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Atrast thought for a moment. "Just go outside, act natural, and say that you wanted to take a breather after feeding and taking care of all those people. I know you want to see Dream, but don't be too obvious about it. Just 'cazh'," she said, meaning "casual". Then she had another idea: "Hey. You all want to go out for pizza after our shifts are over? That would be mega-nine."

More dishes came her way. "Aack!" she cried. "Without Dream, at least for a minute, this is going to be a tough load. Tell her there's no rush to come back. She's--probably going through a lot right now. I know I totally 'volted' when I first heard about my pyriasis. I got so hyper and crazy that my parents almost had heart attacks on the spot when they heard." A wry grin. "So--pizza?" Remembering what Caboose had said about his comic book collection, she quickly added, "I'd love to see your comic books when we have time."
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