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"Really now? Sonya Edison. Trainee of Bald-guy, I mean, Baldur. And friend of Moxie."

Darius looked over at Sonya and laughed.

"Ha Bald-guy, why didn't I think of that. Ah so you're Baldur's new trainee. I was fortunate enough to save Moxie from him, but I think he'd rip my head off if I took another student from him. I'll tell you what I can do though, if you ever get discouraged or frustrated come find me and I'll help you blow off some steam. Speaking of Moxie, have you seen her? her little vampire boyfriend acted like a jerk in front of her and it really upset the poor kid. I wanna make sure she's okay and in the right frame of mind for tomorrow."


"And what would this particular task be?"

Krios looked over at Ashtin and smiled. He pulled out a black desert eagle with special bullets perfect for killing vampires. He tossed the gun over to Ashtin and his smile got bigger.

"Dispose of Mr. Black, he is of no further use to me."
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