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Caboose clapped his hands and smiled at Atrast. Not only did she have great advice, but she wanted to go out for pizza after this which Caboose loved and she wanted to see his comic book collection when they had the time. He was about to thank Atrast when someone else walked into the room. Caboose didn't know her name but he did at least recognize her.

"Yo I'm Caboose, I'm gonna go take a break. Oh and pizza sounds like a great idea after this," he said looking over at Atrast and giving her a thumbs up.

Caboose took a deep breath before opening the in the back.

Just do what Atrast told you, keep it cazh. Wait does that mean I should talk to her first or wait to see if she wants to...c'mon you big dope you can do this just keep it cash.

He found her with her hands on her head. He wanted to ask her if she was okay but he slapped himself to stop that. He walked over to her slowly.

"Yeah, those people are nice but very needy. Its like one task after the other," he said stretching his hand out to a wall in order to lean on it only to find there was no wall which caused him to fall flat on his face.

Caboose just remained on the ground for a few seconds completely embarrassed. He slowly stood up and dusted himself off. He smiled at her and then looked away trying to keep the advice in mind.

Maybe next time you can trip down some stairs he thought shaking his head a little.
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