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"We need you to destroy your ship now."

Atora interfaced with his ship through his helmet's computer and quickly initiated the self-destruct on his ship.

Self destruct initiated. Ten second countdown engaged.

Atora turned to Komad as the countdown started and looked around the ship before looking at Komad again.

"I need to speak with Admiral Belina now. It is of vital importance that she learn of what happened on the Cygnus. And too be fair, I was on the ship a bit longer then you were."

Death's head

"Sir! A small ship has just left the Cygnus's starboard hanger!"

"Tractor beam! Now!"

The officer in charge of the tractor beam nodded once and then shook his head in disappointment. "We can't get a lock on it sir. Something is disrupting the loc- Wait...Sir! One of the ships in the port hanger has engaged it's self-destruct! We need to get out of here immediatly."

The Death's head turned and began to move away from the Cygnus at it's fastest sub-light speed as the Nav officer began to plot a hyperspace route back to the fleet.
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