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"Thanks though, even if involuntary, you helped me forget for a moment", Dream said as she walked over to the railing and leaned on it. "I heard a long time ago about my disease. My parents were told I had that disease when I was about twelve. And instead of having to deal with it they began to travel, sort of a way to forget about me, not get too attached".

At least he had done something right. Not only did she forget for a second or two but he actually made her laugh. He smiled to himself and walked over to the railing.

"Who'd want to take care of someone in my position? I know I wouldn't want it, why should anyone else, right?", Dream said and just scoffed. "Enough of that anyways, it's as if I'm looking for pity but I'm not so, don't you dare pity me ok?"

She said and then looked at him and grinned.

"Or I'll kill you", She said with a wink.

Her grin made him smile even more as she winked at him. Had he been more suave he would have capitalized on this and made some type of move like brushing her hair over her ear. He had no idea what fascinated him about that but he always wanted to do that. He could feel butterflies in his stomach. To say they were dancing was an understatement, no they were sucker punching him from the inside. He did his best to stay as cazh as possible.

"You got it. So do you want to get some pizza after this?" "Oh uh I didn't mean that in a date type of way. Atrast asked us if we wanted to go after this, we can sit together though that is if you want to." He added in basically choking on his own words. He even swore he felt himself gulp.
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