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Ashtin noticed the black desert eagle coming his way and quickly grabbed it. There was no hesitation on Ashtin's part to dispose of Mr. Black, in fact it there was a slight thrill to it as he pulled the trigger three times launching two bullets into Mr. Blacks chest and one into his skull before the body desinagrated into nothing before their eyes. A small smile came across Ashtin's face since it had been a long time since he was allowed to kill something, anything for that matter. Manson was always afraid that his cravings for killing and blood would take over once again. Maybe Manson was right, or maybe he was wrong. But right now Ashtin liked the feel of the gun in his hand.

Once the task was done Ashtin tossed the Black Desert Eagle back towards Krios and looked the man right in his eyes.

"Is there another task you'd like done?" Ashtin asked in a cold tone.

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