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Originally Posted by Commander Dimal View Post
I read somewhere on Wookieepedia that Walon Vau had gone back to Kashyyyk to look for Sev but could not find him. Who knows what happened to him. Maybe we'll find out in Imperial Commando 2. If IC 2 is still going to be written then why is it being written by someone other than Karen Traviss? Also does anyone think LA needs to make a new Star Wars FPS? Something that's not Jedi, Sith, or Lightsaber related. I wouldn't care what era it is as long as you get to shot something and it has nothing to do with all that lightsaber crap. You don't need to be a Jedi or have a lightsaber to be a hero, that's what RC has thought me. But I doubt LA will make a new Star Wars FPS. It's just like mikexmills said, all LA cares about is milking the Jedi/Sith story.
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