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"Well this just got interesting,"

Erebus glances at where Titan was staring. Hordes of civilians; men, women and children, were running towards them. They had the look of rage within their eyes, and the need for violence is pulsating through their veins. Erebus wasnt telephatic, only kinetic. He couldnt find out what was the matter with these people.

"It looks like we have more work to do..." His hands were engulfed with Psionic Energy. He charged up the energy within his hands and unleashed a large wave that knocked the blood thirsty civilians on their backs. He didnt get all of them, which explained why singles of them continued running towards them.

Erebus fired bursts of Psionic Energy to each of them in a very defensive-kata like form. He only modified the energy levels of each projectile to a non-lethal force, because something was clearly wrong with these people. He didnt like the idea of killing them if there was a reason of their current condition - a reason Erebus was to find out for himself to make a better judgement.

"Do we kill them, or knock them down until we find out whats going on." he said to Titan. Another civilian came at Erebus at a close range. Erebus grabbed the mans arms, positioned himself behind him without letting go of his grip, then fired a burst of energy that sent the man many yards away from the heroes up in the air.
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