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Moxie was almost to her destination. Somehow... she could feel it. "Oh Ashtin... I pray they haven't found you first. I love you too much for something terrible happen to you. But somehow... I feel that you're closer. Could it be a strong connection between the two of us...?" Moxie believed so.


Sonya walked to the helicopter, glaring. "Yeah, whatever... Bald-guy," she mumbled at the last part. She then gave a grin to Darius.


Jezebel smiled seductively at Ashtin. after killing Black. This was interesting to her. Killing without mercy. She loved that...


Manson looked at Rusu and smiled. "Actually... I do want you to help Baldur. Can't have ya sitting around bored. If you could follow me, please..."

(Moments later)

"Wait!" Manson said, running to Baldur's helicopter. Finally there, Manson shouted to Baldur over helicopter's noise, "An old friend of mine is going with you guys to help!" He motioned Rusu to come over.
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