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"Admiral. Incoming message on all frequencies. Rerouting transmission to your location."

"This is Jedi Master Komad Kaltas. We have managed to rescue the surviving crew of the Cygnus and determine the cause of its disappearance. Operative Dourden is forwarding the ship's logs and his report to you as we speak. Also, one of the mercs you hired to investigate was forced to destroy his ship, and he wishes to speak with you immediately."

Admiral Belina looked up from the console she was working on and motioned Garja to stand up from the console that he was repairing.

The console sparked once and then went dark. The admiral sighed and then motioned for Garja to move over so she could access all the logs and the communication from Komad.

"Reroute transmission to Communications console 368-B." She ordered and then she smiled as the logs and other information appeared on her screen. The smile quickly vanished as she read through them.

"This...This can't be right. Garja. Come take a look at this. Look at the reports consisting of what happened to the crew."

Garja looked over it and his face began to turn pale. "This looks like something out of a horror holo. Are you sure this is accuarate?"

"I am forced to believe that this is the truth. I want the Ackbar up and running by the end of the week. Everyone is going to work double shifts so we can get this ship up and running."

Oh right. The merc. He's probably still waiting on the channel.

"This is Admiral Belina. May I ask your name?"

"Atora Zen. I intercepted a distress call from the Cygnus about a day before the Jedi and his friends found the Cygnus". Atora replied over the comn channel.

Atora Zen...that name sounds so familiar...

"Aren't you one of the mercs who we have a contract with? Your supposed to investigate all distress calls and assist any republic ships in combat, correct?"

"Yes Admiral. I need to speak with you once we return to the Republic fleet. And it needs to be away from the Jedi and his friends. I have information that you need to made aware of, and I don't want to risk anyone intercepting the comn channel."

"Agreeded. Komad, Iyav. I'll debrief you after I'm done with Atora. Good work you two, rest assured you've both earned my gratitude and the gratitude of the entire republic fleet for finding the Cygnus.

Nar Shadda

Alriana qucikly moved out of the way of the vibro-axe and then re-ignited her lightsaber and then force-pushed her new opponet back away from her.

"We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way. You can either surrender or I can make this very painful and then you'll have no chance but to surrender. your choice."
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