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Jiyhe had his hands full when Caboose left to go to the dishroom. The manic fellow was strong, but still needed help doing some of the heavier stuff, like lifting large cots, or even residents, but no, of course Jiyhe got stuck with some dumb, moronic guy who ended up leaving him in the middle of putting most of the invalids to bed, yay!

Jihye was, however, a very positive person, his mood hardly ever changed between two different kinds, manic, and crazy, that was about it.

Finally Jiyhe had finished, ending his day with a final feeding of one of the elderly, giving them one last spoonful, and wiping their mouth, he sprang up, and with great gusto grabbed all the trays in the area, and sped off to the dishroom to drop them all off.

Arriving, he saw most of the other failures there too. He simply grinned at them all, and put the trays down where they were supposed to go, and then hopped up onto a counter and sat down, looking around curiously, he asked them all, "Well isn't this fancy! Something I missed while doing meathead's job, and my own!?"

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