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Arvel had got stuck with janitor duty. He didn't really mind the work, but the liquid slop bucket he had to carry around with him did make him wish that he didn't have to constantly look into the disgusting black liquid. Arvel also thought that the job was getting repetitive, just cleaning the floors, but he didn't mind, as, at the very least, it passed the time. He then to think about the world around him, something he often did, as he kept to himself most of the time, and rarely, if ever, made friends. He wondered why almost everyone was diagnosed with some disease, and why he was one of the lucky few. He also wondered why people spoke with txt - having read old books, he was amazed that people didn't speak like that, even after the Digital Age started. He also began to think about people, and why everything seemed so suppressive nowadays. His thinking went on for the rest of his shift, and after he dropped off his equipment and changed back into his normal clothers, he began to think about the others who were assigned to this job. I could talk with them, Arvel thought. But they're only people, and people can be and are cruel. What's the use? Then again, it could help me in the future. It was in the middle of his thoughts that he found the group of students gathered in a room he wandered into. Ah, fork, I'm still indecisive. But I have nothing to lose at this point, so why not try a greeting?

"Hey guys," said Arvel, trying to give the appearence that he wasn't at all nervous, and was actually doing a passable job, much to his own surprise. Out of all the people, he only knew Caboose, as both were classmates. "So, uh, what's going on?"

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