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"Try not to miss, Psycho,"

Xavier laughed at Zhao's remark and slowly began to move Nova into position. He watched Zhao take down the battle suit and chuckled a bit.

"Not bad Demon, but if you know me I like to add a little finesse to my kills."

With that he took out his energy sword and activated it. With his hands at the control's he hit a button which opened up a hook on Nova's wrist. With Nova's left hand he took hold of the hook and attached it to the sword. He then pulled the sword with his left hand reveal a large chain attached to the hook. He started spinning the chain in his right hand until you could no longer see where the sword was due to how fast it was moving. He threw the sword at the other battle suit and it plunged directly into the head. He pulled on the chain as soon as the sword made contact with the head taking it clean off. The body dropped to the ground and Nova now had a souvenir head which was quickly dropped to the ground.

"Next," he said thirsty for more carnage.
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