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Atrast gave a despairing glance at the new pile of dirty trays that Jiyhe had deposited on the dishwashing-area counter, and then smiled quickly at Arvel.

"Our shift's over, which is mega-nine!" she cried. "It's six-thirty, and we've all decided to go out for pizza. Which will it be--the Hut, Domino's, Papa John's, or Little Caesar's?" Even in 2064, those chains still sprawled all over the map, even in small towns like Prestile Stream, Maine. Its only other restaurants were a McDonald's and a family diner called Rose's. Rose's had decent pizza, too...

She had a sudden thought. "Who's got a car--one that can hold all of us?"

Atrast herself didn't drive, although she had tried, but her lack of reaction time and her unsteady foot braking due to cerebral palsy precluded that activity. Not that she wanted to reveal this to the rest of the students--it would make her seem even more of a "tard" than the denizens of Uni-Hi thought her to be.
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