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"Yes, we're to rendezvous with the Republic fleet. The Silver Eagle just doesn't have the facilities to help these people, not with the trauma they've been through."

Atora looked up from one of the computers he was checking and then looked up at Komad. "You know Jedi, I can't help but question this disease. I checked your computer and there haven't been any outbreaks on Geonosis so far. That either makes it a very specific disease or possibly some sort of new Bio-weapon."

"Not a chance Jeedai,"

Alriana sighed heavily. She really didn't want to cut off one of his arms but the Togorian wasn't leaving her much choice. And she was guessing he couldn't use the vibro-axe if he was missing a hand.

She force jumped over his head and then brought her lightsaber around and held it directly next to his hand. All it would take to sever the hand was a twitch.

"Last chance." She said quietly. "Surrender, and you won't be harmed."
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