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"This time, MY nose is coming out ahead," replied Atrast slyly. "One, two, three!" She and Akira took off, and with the thought of hot, delicious pizza propelling her, Atrast managed to find enough stamina to win the day/door!

She gave out a whoop of delight. "A-ha! I am a perda no longer! Come on, everybody--last one out of here is a busted iScreen!" More laughter. It wasn't more than twenty seconds before she, Akira, Caboose, Dream, and the others had sprinted out of the Ashwood LTC into the warm evening twilight.

Piling into Dream's car was no small feat--there were eight passengers in a car that was only built for five at the most--but when there's a will, there's a way!

"So, where are we headed?" asked Atrast. "I'm absolutely starved. You?"
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