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Caboose did his best to take up as little space as possible once he got into the car. Talk of pizza began to fill the car but that wasn't entirely on his mind. His mind was filled with other stuff with pizza trying to squeeze its way in there. For one thing he still felt guilty about leaving Jiyhe to do all of the work by himself today. He'd do his best to make it up to him tomorrow. He also felt he owed Atrast something. She had given him good advice and it had worked very well. He was concerned what the old woman had meant about T-Day as well. Above all else though he couldn't stop thinking about Dream. Every time he stared at her he felt funny inside. His massive train of thought was brought to a stop by Dream's answers to Atrast's suggestion.

"Um I don't really care where we go so Hut's works for me," he said.
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