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Atrast involuntarily found herself glancing over at Jiyhe as Caboose made his toast. New friends, eh? I'd like to get to know you a little better! she thought to herself. The truth was that Jiyhe intrigued her. What made him "tick", as her grandfather used to say? Kids who were that "volted" were highly unusual, whether they drank "juice" or not. Of course, that wasn't the only reason that Jiyhe had caught Atrast's eye. He was also an "inty"...

There was a TV on, with the sound muted, on the wall in the dining room of the Hut. The station was turned to RWBN (Right-Wing Broadcasting Network) News, with its comely anchor Theresa Anne Corbin. ASIAN COMMONWEALTH PREPARED TO STRIKE? read the text below her olive-skinned frame, coiffed hair, and serious gaze. Atrast perked up her ears, or at least her eyes. No one else at the Hut seemed to be paying attention, but she thought it might be rude to ask the sound be turned up. The bottom of the screen read:

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