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Arvel, once at the Hut, ordered a Hawaiian style pizza, with pineapples and ham. That wasn't his usual order, but he absolutely loved food that was foreign - that is, if Hawaiian food could be considered "foreign." He took a Coke along with his order, and allowed himself a small grin as everyone made a toast. At least others were happy. He found himself momentarily wishing for a world like that, where everyone was happy. But then he simply dismissed the notion as a human impulse - since Arvel believed life was meaningless, he thought that, as a result, humans could never achieve happiness. He raised his glass and joined in the toast. He then noticed that Atrast's gaze was averted somehwere else. He followed her gaze to the TV, where he saw the headline.

"Shame, huh?" he said to Atrast. "War is going to engulf the world again." Arvel used "engulf" simply because he couldn't think of a simpler or a txt word for it. "But, then again, I suppose life just goes on like that."

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