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"The usual stuff the RWBN says," Atrast replied wryly. "War, bioterrorism, the Asian Commonwealth is evil, they don't believe in our God, yadda-yadda-yadda." She paused for a minute. "However, something's different this time. I've never seen Theresa Anne Corbin look so tense." The others looked confused. Ms. Corbin appeared poised to them. "Her eyes are bugged out in a weird way. It's like she's trying to look through the camera instead of at it." She took a bite of pizza. "Maybe this time it's real."

To Arvel, she muttered, "If it's true that war IS--imminent, whatever the fork that means, then life as we know it might not 'just go on' for much longer. It is a shame, though. That point I'll concede." She knew that word from playing (and losing) many games of chess against her online opponents.

Once Jeff rushed in and blurted out his statement, she motioned for him to take an empty seat in the corner booth that could hold multiple people. "No problem!" she said. "I'm surprised you still have an appetite anyway." After letting out a light snort of laughter, she asked, "Orwellian? What's that?"
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