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Tonatius wondered why Kalla was even bothering to try and negotiate a surrender and voiced his opinion, "Trying to convince him to surrender is like trying to get a Toydarian to give a deal that's in the best interest of the customer."

Jun-la took the opportunity to move forward to a position that would benefit Kalla should the intruder try to strike. She said softly to Kalla, "Urging to surrender is our best course right now."


Tavaryn saw what she was going to do. If she killed him, then they would be left with no answers. Taking a burst of speed and reverting to the flash step he, he moved so fast that not even Haruka saw him remove his blade until it was already out.

Tavaryn got in between the two and with a deft move, brought his blade up and deflected both strikes. He was not worried about the lightsaber colliding with his sword. Cortosis had been used for millenia by his people. After deflecting, he used his strength to thrust the combatants apart.

He did not look at Alriana. He didn't have to. Right now, he had to bring down the Togorian. Using flash step, he raced forward and before the Togorian knew it, he had been cut on his upper arm, rendering it useless. The Togorian looked at Tavaryn in suprise having never expected that move. He could still weild his axe but clumsily.

Tavaryn looked at the Togorian. The rain at this time was pouring. He glanced at Alriana, whose lightsabers were still lit. He called out to the Togorian, "Surrender and you will be shown quarter."

The Togorian sneered, "Bah I wouldn't surrender to you or your Jeedai friend." He swerved to swing the axe at Alriana.

"Disarm!" Tavaryn called out.

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