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(Well since I was waiting for Archon to post and he never did XD so I'm going forward)

Haruka looked at her map interface. She could see the three spots on her map moving forward. Xaivier, Zhao and Katsu were advancing at a wonderful pace. She had to do the same now.

"Oh well, time to fly", Haruka said as she leapt onto the air and the retractable wings spread and she was up in the air in less than a heartbeat. There was incoming fire from the turrets of the fortress and she fired a Jericho missile into the air as sort of an indication to the others that the attack had commenced.

She started firing missiles left and right trying to keep the attention focused on her. As quick as she was though, she would not be able to hold them off on her own completely if Roman did not join the fray.

She kept dancing in the air as it seemed. She moved gracefully and lethally in the air, dodging bullets and RPG fire from the towers and AA turrets on the top of the mountains. She blasted one of them with a pulse cannon and turned to keep suppressing the enemy units inside the fortress to buy enough time for the others to engage from behind.

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