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Originally Posted by acdcfanbill View Post
my native rez is anything up to 2048 x 1536
Well if you want to game at anywhere near that you really don't want to skimp too much on a GPU - The 5770 should definitely be your minimum starting point.

Speaking of high rez outputs... almost exactly 6 months since my samsung 305T started playing up, the Dell 3008WFP arrived today. I love the connectivity support - 2 x DVI-D, HDMI, Display Port, plus the others. A friend bought over his PS3 and the 1080p scaling performed admirably with audio handled via monitor internal audio out which includes 5.1 support.

Fig.1. After Spending the last few months at 1024x768, Femshep and Kasumi can again strut around in glorious 1600p!

If displays are your thing, and you don't mind paying a premium for it, this is one decent monitor There are a few other more esoteric 1600P displays out there preferred by high end graphical professionals, but at $10K+ even I'm not that silly


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