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"I assume the team you're sending to Geonosis has been briefed based on our findings."

The console went dead right after Iyav finished speaking. Belina immediatly hit it and it lit back up. She began speaking as soon as it fully came back online.

"Sorry. I haven't had the time to assemble a team yet. Repairing the Ackbar and the rest of the fleet is a top priority for me. I can put together a security detail to go with you. But the rest of it is up to you."

She looked up at the celling thoughtfully as a sudden thought came to mind. "There is someone I would recommend for the team though. I was having a discussion with my chief medical officer and the name Lenatha Pradhes came up. I don't know much about medical officers so you might wish to ask about her."

The console sparked again and began to start on fire. Belina sighed and began to speak before the console went dead. "I'm down on deck 15, corridor five, section 32. Garja and I are trying to fix some of the battle damage caused by Velerc. Head on down here so we can talk."

The console went dead after that and Belina kicked the console angerly. "Garja! Get a repair crew down here, tell them we need to repace one of the consoles again."
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