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How to run KotOR from Best Of PC DVD (Vista 64-bit)

First, many thanks to all those sharing their fixes, especially Astrotoy7 and EvilQ for posts 1 & 2.

Just in case it helps anyone else, here is how I adapted their instructions to get the version of KotOR (1) included in the "Best Of PC" DVD running stably under Vista 64-bit.
  1. Install as per Astrotoy7's instructions in post 1, but don't replace mss32.dll (the suggested replacement is byte-for-byte the same as the one on the DVD).
  2. Make a shortcut to swkotor.exe as in post 2 but you shouldn't install the version of swkotor.exe patched by SecuROM (because that version is only for the original four CD release of the game; the version on the DVD has the disk check built into launcher.exe, not into swkotor.exe).
  3. Add "Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1" to swkotor.ini (as in post 2).
  4. Use the in-game settings to disable soft shadows.
  5. That's it!

Again, thanks for all the help: it's been great to re-discover this classic.
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