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""Hold up where's Mox and Ashtin, especially him? I would have figured he'd be the first one here."

Baldur smiled. "Well..." he glanced over at Darius. "We are soon about to find out, arent we?"

The mission was simple; locate Ashtin, find the Biker Gang. An encounter with Moxie was highly likely. If possible, Ashtin and Moxie were to be kept alive for extraction and prosecution for violating the organisations laws and rules. Their fate wasnt the concern of Baldurs; it was Mansons.

Baldur was about to close the door of the helicopter, when all of a sudden...


Baldur turned to face Manson, and his fellow comrade Rusu. "An old friend of mine is going with you guys to help!"

"We may find your skills of value in this opperation. Welcome aboard, Mr. Rusu." he outstretched a hand, and waited for a return.
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