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"Aldous who?" asked Atrast, quickly stuffing her mouth with another gigantic bite of pizza. She knew, or at least she felt, that she was the stupidest out of all eight students in the group. The rest of them read books, actual books, which had never really interested her because the ones she'd had at her house were dusty old biographies of people she'd never even heard of.

"Never mind," she said with a muffled sigh, pretending that the pepperoni and double mushrooms were all that engrossed her. She was mediocre at math, terrible at physical exercise, and only halfway decent at the game she loved. Atrast, despite the pressure placed upon her by her Undertaker parents and teachers at Uni-Hi, never really excelled at anything--except losing. That was what she was good at, and Atrast was ashamed of this fact.

She did not yet have the wisdom to see her greatest gains came from loss...

The stars twinkled in the evening sky. It was early fall, and Andromeda, in her constellation chains, dangled above the eight students at Pizza Hut...
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