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Day Four: T-DAY!

Out of all her classes at Uni-Hi, the only one that Atrast Valla actually considered even close to "nine" was Current Events, taught by Miss Yseult. She was the only Undertaker--teacher--that ever let her students call her by her first name. She was named for a mythical queen of legend, an accidental adulteress, the wife of King Mark and lover of the hero Tristan. Miss Yseult was as beautiful and "volted" as her name. She was hyper most of the day.

"Oh noes, eleventy-one!" she cried. "We're missing 24/7 Live News!"

It was the class's favorite channel. The anchors talked like human beings insted of bureaucrats, and everyone pretty much understood what was going on. This time, however--not even the anchors did. The screen showed shots of school buildings, one after another, standing in a pile of smoking rubble.

Miss Yseult slapped her hand over her mouth, stifling a scream. She turned up the volume on the television set, which now read "SCHOOLS TARGETED."

"Terrorists from the Asian Commonwealth--juveniles, ages 14 to 18--have today awakened from their 'sleeper cells' and set off bombs in their buildings. Motives for the school bombings have not yet been discovered, although we think this is a series of revenge killings for President Anderson's harsh sanctions against China and other Asian countries. These sanctions have mostly harmed children and ordinary citizens, not the terrorist elite that President Anderson had sought to punish. Schools are being held in lockdown all over the U.S. Any one of them could have a bomb in them at the moment."

Atrast felt her bowels turn to liquid. The screen read: THRESHOLD RED ALERT.
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