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Akira smiled and obliged, "Aldous Huxley was a twentieth century writer. He wrote an interesting book called Brave New World. It is basically about a civilization like ours except children are born by the hundreds and conditioned according to their class. I'll lend it to you."

Akira said no more but continued to munch on her pizza in silence. She knew that Atrast was going through one of her thinking spells about herself. She inwardly cursed the whole tarking system for making Atrast feel that she was mediocre and stupid. She knew that Atrast was good at things evenif they were not completely the norm at Uni-Hi. Still it made her wonder if Atrast resented her for being able to perform to the standards Uni-Hi wanted, up to the point where she outshown them.


Day 4:

Akira had a book open as she sat through Current Events. It was one subject in which she didn't care two pins for and got less than an A on her assignments. Miss Yseult constantly told her that she was capable of doing better than her and the other teachers. It was a rare compliment coming from a teacher and first to admit the posiibility that they might not know something. She had told Miss Yseult that she didn't see the point in preparing a paper on a topic that was more likely edited for the express purpose of controlling the masses.

That earned her a look mixed with frustration and pleading. Akira didn't relent and was content scrapping by in the class. She did watch the news like everyone else though. She wasn't stupid knowing that there was the possibility of some truth in her words. As she watched the screen, her eyes went wide at teh images of the downed school buildings.

The newscasters spoke of sleeper cells bombing their schools and that they were representative of the Asian Commonwealth. Inwardly she cringed and looked to see if any dirty looks were being shot her way. It was no secret that she was of Japanese descent. Still that wouldn't stop suspicious sould from inquiring if she intended to bomb the school. She looked at Atrast who was looking pained in her seat. She looked up at the screen and reacted, "Tark!"

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