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"What's it like there? What should I pack for an expedition?"

"Well, I was never much good in geography and all that but I did hear that Geonosis was a desert planet, so I'd pack light for the day and heavy for the cold at night", Lenatha said as she went to her bedroom and began packing her things just to be ready in case she had to leave soon.

She went over to her closet and took out a silver case and sighed as she saw cleaned the dust of it.

"Hope I don't have to use this", Lenatha said to herself and then opened the silver case revealing two silver blasters that were a gift from the Trandoshan mercenary captain. She put them with her things and got her personal items into the bag. She then went over to Andorra and smiled at her.

"You might need new clothes so we can go shopping if you want, or I can lend you some of my stuff if you need it", Lenatha said smiling to her. She just wanted any chance she could get to be close to Andorra, there was no telling what would happen over at Geonosis or if they'd be able to see each other at all.

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