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Korriban, Valley of the Dark Lords, 18:30

"Ruin," announced the cloaked figure to the three lone beings who were its audience. "Nothing but rack and ruin, and desiccated Sith Lords in their tombs. Naga Sadow. Ajunta Pall. Tulak Hord. All of them are dead...or so the Jedi believe." The figure crossed its arms over its chest. Was it male or female, human or alien, or even a projection through the Force? No one knew, and not one of the three who were listening to him dared to find out.

"The truth is that Sith never die. We are a way of life, and a belief. As long as there are those who follow our teachings, we shall remain immortal."

The figure looked first to the human female on the right, then the Iridonian in the middle, and then the third Sith Initiate, clad in body armor so rigid and inflexible that anyone would have mistaken him or her for a droid at a distance. Metal, mesh, and a mask--that was all the third Initiate revealed.

"You," drawled the mysterious figure once more, pointing to the armored one. "You shall venture into each of the tombs, bringing me whatever secrets may remain locked within the sarcophagi of our forefathers." The figure smiled beneath a long, hooded cloak. The plan was to seal the Initiate inside, because that one had already lost. Failed. Disappointed the Sith fatally.

"Goran Tex," continued the figure. "You have much to learn of the second tier--strength--in the code of the Sith. Do not return to me until you have slain one hundred sentients, or one hundred beasts, with your bare hands. If you bring me back dead gizka, or the corpses of weaklings, you will fail."

The Initiate on the right was the true test--the test for all of them, and for the future of the Sith. He did not name this woman winner for naught.

"Gagnante," he said slowly. "The passion of battle runs strong in you, as does strength, but you still have something yet to gain--victory! Seek out the Jedi Enclave ruins upon Dantooine. The Force is disturbed there. If you locate our enemies, duel one and cut out his or her heart to bring to me. I will be able to feast upon that Jedi's essence in the Force. Do you hear?"

"I hear, my Master," replied Gagnante softly, kneeling down, "and I obey."

It was all she said, and was taught to say, to such a figure by her tutors. They were Sith, but they were not as powerful as this one. Not by far. There was only one thing that the young woman had to remember as she stroked the hilts of the two vibroblades at her belt: The winners earn their place as Sith, and their lightsabers. The losers die. That is all there is to know.

It was not long before Gagnante entered her non-descript courier's vessel (stolen from an abandoned spaceport lot on Coruscant) and launched off...

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