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In the tranquil blue skies of Dantooine, free and without danger ever since the Jedi Exile had helped restore them to their former peaceful expanse, a one-man courier vessel perched inconspicuously in the landing zone near the Khoonda Administration Building, still headed by the stalwart Administrator Terena Adare. A female emerged from that ship, red-haired and confident, wearing humble leather garments of an indeterminate grayish-black hue.

She told a protocol droid, that suddenly accosted her out of nowhere, that she had a message to deliver to the Jedi stationed at the Enclave. She produced a holocron (pried from the cold, lifeless hands of a true Jedi in the time of the Sith Triumvirate) that her Master had recovered. It was a decoy, the bait that would lure an unsuspecting Jedi into her trap! The woman strode confidently toward the Enclave ruins once the protocol droid informed her that they lay directly east of her through the fields. Propelling herself through the Force, she sprinted.

Once she reached them, Gagnante frowned, disappointed. They were just as shabby, ivy-covered, and smelling of mold as the ruins on Korriban had been dusty, desolate, and sweet with the stench of long-ago death. This is it? she thought to herself.

Suddenly, she sensed a presence nearby--Force-sensitive, and female.

Good. Gagnante positioned herself within the Jedi's line of sight. She appeared to be Cathar, with golden eyes and a knot of twisted purplish hair.

"Greetings, Jedi," smiled Gagnante. "I have a message for you: To the death!"

She flicked out her vibroblades and took a stance both aggressive and wary.
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