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Originally Posted by Seikan View Post
Sometimes, the game can't assimilate some changes, some times, an item with a bad Resref, other times appearence that don't work, etc...

So, if you can tell me all the modifications you did, maybe i could tell you exactly how to fix it ^^
Ah! I never thought about that..

I changed:
-The time, changed it two minutes back, but I only did this after I found out it didn't work, and I wanted to be sure no changes were taking place when I pressed the commit changes button

-Credits, of course the credits, one could never have enough of those! Changed it to 99999999 (Perhaps a little tad too much :P)

-Chemicals and Components, both to 10000.

-The quest lost in shadows (The one bugged) Master Vrook would not leave the cell after I killed all the mercenaries, so I continued the quest. After a while I got to the point that I had to defend the base (I must add that I did bring everything in the favour of the mercenaries) and just after the cutscene I get a black screen, in which I can only move if I press both mousebuttons at the same time (I checked the map and I actually moved, thus I know I was capable of moving) and I can move the mouse around the black screen.
Now what I did here was change it from 30 (You found Master Vrook held prisoner by mercenaries in the kinrath cave.) to 70 (You found Master Vrook held prisoner by the mercenaries, but you decided to let the mercenaries ship him off to Nar Shaddaa. Vrook will probably be very upset with you if you meet him again.) and I thought this might clear the bug.

-I also changed all of my stats (Strength, wisdom et cetera) and skills (Computer, security et cetera) to 50.

And last but not least:
- I changed my GoodEvil to 20 (It was first on 18, and I hoped by turning it to 20 I might become entirely evil, not sure if that's the way to change my evilness though :P)

Thanks in advance!
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