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“Greeting Jolee, sparing time with the young apprentices”

Jolee Bindo looked up watching a training match between two young apprentices and observed the stranger.

Where have I seen that face before? Oh right. Fethe Ernhan, someone else who decided to hide himself on Kashyyyk.

"Well hello there youngster! No...I'm far to old to spar with these young ones. They're just a little too fast for me to keep up with."

“Maybe I can help you on anything.”

Jolee smiled as a sudden thought came to mind. "You can help me by taking over my training class for a bit while I go and take a short break. I'm an old man, I'm entitled to a short break once in awhile."

The Grand Master's chambers

Grand Master Brianna was looking over reports from the various jedi who were scattered across the galaxy when she heard a knock at the door of her private inner sanctum.

"Please enter."

A jedi wearing the robes of a Padawan learner nervously entered the inner sanctum holding a datapad. "Grand Master, we recently recieved a transmission from Jedi Knight Juhani. She said that she had urgent information regarding the sith before the transmission was cut off."

"I need to think on this. I need to think of the appropriate Jedi to send to assist her. In the meantime try and get back in contact with Knight Juhani. Rest assured, my decision will be made quickly."

The learner nodded once and then left the chamber, leaving Brianna to meditate on who to send.


"My Master is going to kill me anyway if I return empty-handed, without the heart of a Jedi as proof that I have indeed slain one. That will be my victory, if I can achieve it."

Juhani simply stared daggers at the Sith. She needed to warn the Order that the sith were still awake in the galaxy. Right now the order was unaware and that had to be fixed.

"Rest assured...the Jedi do not kill their prisoners. I will not kill you. Despite how tempted I may be."
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