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"I understand your anger. I feel it in your blood, in the veins that are starting to pulse on your forehead. You heard the call of the Dark Side once, didn't you? I can teach you to heed it again."

Juhani slowly shook her head and smiled sadly at the sith initiate. "True...I once fell to the darkside, but it is a path that I never want to fall to again. The darkside leads only to death, not power."

"I am not a full Sith, or even an apprentice. I am only an Initiate, but even I know that our way is the way of betrayal. He wants your heart, but we can remove his!"

I feel so sorry for this one. She is just now starting out on her journey down the darkside and has no idea what lays in store for her.

"I will counter your offer with one of my own. I can take you far from this place, to the Jedi Temple on coruscant where your wounds can be treated and you will be safe from your master."
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