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The Jedi ruins on Dantooine proved to be an excellent hiding spot, especially if you needed to lay low for a while. That was the case for Psycho 6 months ago when he landed a stolen vessel here. He had gotten used to Dantooine's climate to the point that he actually enjoyed it. It was much better then the cell he was forced to rot into day in and day out. His days in that cell drove him mad to the point he began to fall in love with Death. He probably would still be sitting there had he not agreed to assist the jedi with certain tasks in exchange for being allowed out of his cell to do so. He knew the jedi would get suspicious soon so he had to do his job here. That was another benefit of Dantooine, they were so many jedi artifacts here he could just take one and claim he got it from elsewhere. He started walking towards the temple when he was suddenly brought to the ground head first. He looked up and saw two vibroblades on his chest. He snarled as he got to his feet and looked in the direction to where they were launched. A little detour wouldn't hurt, especially is he got to kill the people that did this. He started heading Northwest until he found a human woman and a cathar jedi...a very scary looking cathar jedi. Psycho instinctual put his hands to his throat then wondered why he did this. He shook his head and walked over to the two.

"Hey," he said to the cathar. "If you're gonna be training your apprentice out here could you please be more careful next time?" he said struggling with the word please. It was hard for him to act polite around the jedi but it was something they wanted from him.
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