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The cheerful tune that Dominic was whistling hardly matched the work he was performing.

His pack was now empty of detonation charges, each one having found a resting place at the supporting structures of the Dantooine ruins. One had to wonder what the point of blowing up a structure that was hardly standing actually was, but Dominic didn't ask. He needed only to know that his masters had ordered it, and that was enough.

He checked the map on his datapad once more, verifying that he had placed a satchel at each of the designated spots, and then swung his pack over his shoulder again. It thunked against his back for, though its original contents had been used, he had found something to replace it with. His masters were strongly against the existence of any Jedi artifacts - he supposed that was the purpose of sinking this pile of rubble into the ground - but he was not positive of this. As far as Dominic was concerned, the best way to kill the enemy was to first know them - and so the item that thunked against his back was a broken datapad that he recovered from the piles of its broken brethren scattered across the floor of the Enclave's ruined library. The difference between this one and the others? It actually looked repairable - and if it was, then perhaps he would find himself at an even greater advantage the next time he met a Jedi foe.

Unholstering the blaster from his side, the Found operative began to make his way back through the deserted halls, upward towards the ground-level entrance. He frightened away what few vermin he saw with a bolt or two as he went. He'd done most of his fighting on the way in.

A few minutes later, Dominic emerged blinking into the Dantooine afternoon, detonator in hand. He was on his way across the cement walkway when he caught a trace of movement from the corner of his eye. He stopped and turned, raising an eyebrow. And here he thought he'd been alone...

The armored man didn't notice him as he emerged from the rubble, but that didn't make him any less of a threat in Dominic's eyes. His forehead crumpled into a frown as he sealed the detonator once more and deposited it in his belt, his other hand gripping the blaster more tightly. If this man was investigating the ruins' upper level, he might have found something...and if he did, he couldn't be allowed to live. All laity who consumed any knowledge of the Jedi needed to die; it was the only way to ensure that the ways of the Force were erased from the galaxy forever.

But just as Dominic was about to call out, a set of vibroblade hilts crashed into the man's chest, knocking him flat. The Found ducked into the shelter of a crumbled wall, surveying the area anew. He must have been down in the Enclave for longer than he'd thought; now there was not only one, but at least two other people in the Enclave's viscinity...and judging by the unmanned flight of those two vibroblades, he guessed that at least one was a Force user. His attitude soured. Despite his vow of obedience, there was only one order that surpassed the importance of his current mission - and for that reason, he could not detonate his explosives until after the Force user was terminated. His or her death took precedence over any work that he could be doing otherwise.

The armored man stood and carried on a few paces, speaking to someone around the corner. If you're gonna be training your apprentice... he said. Apprentice. That meant that there were at least two people, two Force users on the other side of the wall. And just when he thought this job would be an easy one...

Dominic came out of his hiding spot while the armored man's back was turned, and holstered his gun again. Looking upwards, he bit his lower lip lightly as he looked for a suitable path...and once finding it, he began to scale the rubble to the still semi-intact roof of the Enclave. From there, he would better be able to survey the area.

Staying low so as to keep out of sight of whatever Jedi were on the other side of the wall, he knelt down on the cement and unhooked the bottom plate of his right gauntlet, swinging the metal back and attaching it beneath his wrist. The eye-shaped tattoo on his palm glittered in the sun as if it were onyx embedded in his skin.

Two women stood across from the armored man, one human, the other Cathar. The Cathar was the only one of the two with a lightsaber, he saw...and she looked much older than the human. He perked a slight eyebrow, listening now to the younger woman speak...and realized that the armored man had been wrong; this was not a Jedi and apprentice training, but a real fight between a Sith and a Jedi. A victorious smirk crossed Dominic's face; both a Jedi and a Sith? This, certainly, would be fun.

"A Sith giving up?" he called, standing now and moving to the edge of the roof. His left hand dipped to his right hip, where there was a vibrosword sheathed. The shing of metal on metal echoed around him as he revealed the blade, and a hum joined it as the energy mesh activated. The Jedi's saber wouldn't be able to so much as scratch his sword now. "Your master was right to keep you an Initiate; luckily for you, he won't ever have to learn that."

And with that, he leapt from the building - but at the Cathar, not at the defeated Sith. That woman wouldn't be doing much of anything anymore; even if she was simply playing to the Jedi's soft heart in order to lure her into a false sense of security, it was obvious that she was wounded and disarmed. She wasn't a threat...but the Jedi was.
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